Top South Asian Countries to Hire Software Development Team

Last Update: March 27, 2024
best south asian countries for outsourcing software development
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It has become a prerequisite for companies to develop custom software products to stay competitive.

As the demand for talented software developers grows, an increasing number of businesses are turning to outsourcing to obtain the expertise they require. Outsourcing software development can serve as a cost-effective approach to gaining access to qualified developers while also giving businesses the flexibility they need to swiftly extend their teams. Hiring a remote dedicated software development team is a widely practiced solution that can bring several benefits for companies looking to boost their software development capabilities.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top South Asian countries to hire a dedicated software development team. We’ll look at the factors that make these countries attractive for outsourcing, compare hourly rates, and provide tips on how to find the right development team for your project.

Why Outsource from South Asia?

South Asia has emerged as a major hub for outsourcing software development, with a range of countries offering a diverse range of software development services. There are several reasons why companies choose to outsource to South Asia

why outsource from south asia

1. Access to Skilled Talent

South Asia is home to some of the best software developers in the world, with a huge talent pool available at affordable rates. For example, India alone is producing over 2.6 million engineering graduates every year, according to a report by NASSCOM. This talent pool has attracted several tech giants like, IBM, Microsoft, and Accenture, to establish development centers in the region.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Outsourcing to South Asia can provide access to qualified developers at a fraction of the expense of recruiting in-house developers. According to a Deloitte analysis, outsourcing to South Asia may save up to 60% more than hiring in-house developers in the United States or Europe. This is due to lower living costs and salaries in countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

3. Time Zone Advantage

Working with a  software development company in South Asia can provide companies with a time zone advantage, allowing for 24/7 development and faster project turnaround times.

4. Quality Assurance

Many South Asian countries have adopted rigorous quality assurance processes, ensuring that the software developed meets satisfactory quality standards. Despite the lower cost, outsourcing to South Asia does not necessarily mean sacrificing quality. On the contrary, many outsourcing companies in the region have a reputation for delivering high-quality services, with a focus on innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

5. Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies

South Asia is home to a large number of IT startups and established businesses, giving access to cutting-edge tools and development techniques. Many South Asian dedicated software engineers have collaborated using new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data. You may incorporate these technologies into your project and obtain a competitive edge in your business by harnessing the experience of these teams.

6. Favorable Business Environment

South Asian countries like India and Bangladesh have made significant advances in improving their business environments, with a range of incentives and programs designed to attract foreign investment and support economic growth. For example, the Bangladeshi government’s Digital Bangladesh initiative aims to transform the country into a digital economy and has created a range of opportunities for outsourcing companies in the region.

Which Countries are the Best for Outsourcing Software Development in South Asia?


Bangladesh has a rapidly growing software development industry, with a large pool of skilled developers and competitive rates. According to a study by the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), the Bangladesh software and IT services sector increased at a 26% annual pace in 2019, reaching a total market value of $1.2 billion. A variety of reasons have contributed to this expansion, including the availability of trained labor, competitive pricing, and a favorable business climate. Hourly rates for software developers in Bangladesh typically range from $10 to $35, depending on the level of expertise required.


India is one of the most popular countries for outsourcing software development, with a large pool of skilled developers and a strong reputation for quality. India’s software development industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.5% from 2021 to 2026, with an estimated market size of $130.3 billion by 2026. Hourly rates for software developers in India typically range from $15 to $45, depending on the level of expertise required.


Pakistan has emerged as a growing destination for outsourcing software development, with a large pool of skilled developers and competitive rates. Hourly rates for software developers in Pakistan typically range from $10 to $40, depending on the level of expertise required.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a small but growing software development industry, with a strong focus on quality and a competitive cost structure. Hourly rates for software developers in Sri Lanka typically range from $20 to $40, depending on the level of expertise required.


The Philippines is a popular destination for outsourcing software development, with a large pool of skilled developers and a strong focus on customer service. Hourly rates for software developers in the Philippines typically range from $20 to $50, depending on the level of expertise required.


Nepal is another emerging player in the software development outsourcing industry, with a large pool of skilled developers and a lower cost of living compared to other countries in the region. Some of the top outsourcing companies in Nepal include Deerwalk Services and Braindigit. Outsourcing Teams from Nepal charge $15 to $35 per hour.


While Vietnam is not technically in South Asia, it is often included in the region due to its strong presence in the software development outsourcing industry. With an hourly rate of $18 to $40, Vietnam has a large pool of skilled developers, competitive pricing, and a favorable business environment. Some of the top outsourcing companies in Vietnam include KMS Technology and Tinhvan Outsourcing.

Hourly Rate Comparison Table

To help you compare hourly rates across different South Asian countries, we’ve put together a table showing the range of rates you can expect to pay for software developers in each country:

CountryHourly Rate (USD)
Bangladesh$10 - $35
India$25 - $50
Pakistan$20 - $40
Sri Lanka$20 - $45
Nepal$15 - $35
Vietnam$18 - $40

N.B: These hourly rates are only a rough estimation and can widely deviate depending on the specific skills and experience required for your project.

What Factors Should Consider When Choosing a Software Development Company for Hire?

Hiring an offshore software development team according to budget, project objectives and required expertise can be challenging from time to time. Here are some tips for how to find the best outsourcing development programmers for your project:

1.Technical Skills

Evaluate the technical skills and expertise of the development team. South Asian countries have a reputation for producing highly skilled software developers, but it’s important to verify their technical abilities before hiring.

2. Commitment

Perform a time analysis of the project and ascertain the feasibility of meeting the deadline with an internal team. If condition are not met, consider outsourcing as it grants access to a worldwide talent pool capable of working on the project 24/7.

3. Cultural Understanding

Please take into account the potential cultural disparities and communication obstacles that could arise. It is crucial to establish a clear comprehension of your business’s values and cultural norms among the development team to avoid any potential misinterpretations.

4. Time Zone

Evaluate the time zone differences and determine whether it will impact the project’s communication and timeline. South Asian countries are typically 9-12 hours ahead of US time zones, which could be challenging for some businesses.

5. Cost

Evaluate the cost of hiring a software development team from South Asia compared to other regions. South Asian countries are often known for their competitive pricing, but it’s important to ensure that the quality of work is not compromised.


Consider the development team’s reputation within the industry and their track record of delivering successful projects. Online reviews, testimonials, and case studies can provide valuable insight into their capabilities.

7. Data Security

In order to safeguard the privacy and security of your data, it is imperative to assess the security protocols and measures implemented by the development team. In today’s interconnected world, it’s essential to prioritize data protection. However, the level of data protection laws in South Asian countries varies greatly. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your development team adheres to the highest standards of best practices to safeguard sensitive information.

Best Software Development Outsourcing Companies in South Asia

If you’re considering outsourcing your software development to a remote team in South Asia, here are our recommendations for some of the top outsourcing companies in the region to consider:

best software development outsourcing company

1.Vivasoft, Bangladesh

Vivasoft, a Bangladeshi company founded in 2016, specializes in IT consulting and software development in Bangladesh. Its passionate and competent staff seeks to build digital experiences that enhance businesses and have a beneficial influence on society. The products of Vivasoft strive to simplify and improve people’s lives.

Vivasoft employs over 200 people who work to provide creative software development solutions that assist people all over the world. Their skill and love for their profession enable them to make everyone’s lives simpler. Their areas of expertise are: 

  • App Development 
  • SaaS solutions
  • Team Augmentation
  • Offshore office expansion
  • MVP Service
  • End-to-end Development
  • QA and Testing
  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Agile Products

2. Innofied Solution, India

Innofied is an award-winning technology company in India that has been delivering end-to-end products to numerous  SMEs, startups, and multi-billion dollar companies for the past decade. They have a team of over 100 engineers and offices in Australia, San Francisco, New York, and India. 

The company offers a wide range of services that are listed as follows:

  • Product Strategy
  • Wireframing, Prototype & MVP
  • UX Design
  • Website & Web Application Development
  • iOS & Android Development
  • React Native & Flutter App Development
  • AR, VR, IoT Development
  • Quality Assurance & Testing

3. Wavenet Solutions, Sri Lanka

Wavenet, a Sri Lanka-based prominent supplier of adaptable software and systems, has facilitated network-based multimedia communication for both wireless and wireline carriers worldwide. The firm moved its focus from telecommunications to bespoke software solutions in 2013. 

Wavenet has grown significantly since then, and its goods and solutions have reached over 100 million people across South Asia, Africa, and the Asia Pacific area. Their area of expertise are:

  • Web Based applications
  • Mobile applications
  • CDR archiving solutions
  • IVR Solutions
  • USSD/SMS solutions
  • Internet Of Things

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing software development to a dedicated team in South Asia can serve as a cost-effective approach to gaining access to competent engineers while also allowing firms to extend their teams swiftly. You may identify the ideal development team for your project and achieve your software development goals by comprehending the factors that make South Asia an appealing outsourcing location and following the guidelines mentioned in this article.

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