Implementation of Floyd’s Cycle-Finding Algorithm in Golang

Last Update: March 14, 2023
loop in linked list
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What is a loop in a linked list

A very common operation in a linked list is to traverse throughout the LinkedList. But when no null value is reached as traversing throughout the linked list, we call this as loops in a linked list. So to detect whether a LinkedList has a loop or not, we can use Floyd’s Cycle-Finding Algorithm also known as a slow-fast pointer or hear tortoise algorithm.

We are implementing Floyd’s Cycle-Finding Algorithm to find loops in a linked list

Linked List

Node & Linked list struct

type Node struct {
    data interface{}
    next *Node

type LinkedList struct {
    head *Node

Push to a Linked List

func (ll *LinkedList) Push(data interface{}) {
    list := &Node{
        data: data,
    } = ll.head
    if ll.head != nil {
        ll.head = list
    ll.head = list

    l := ll.head
    for != nil {
        l =

Display the Linked list

func (ll *LinkedList) Display() {
    list := ll.head
    for list != nil {
        fmt.Printf("%+v -> ",
        list =

Detect loops in LinkedList using Floyd’s Cycle-Finding Algorithm

func (ll *LinkedList) DetectLoop() bool {
    slowPtr := ll.head
    fastPtr := ll.head

    for slowPtr != nil && fastPtr != nil && != nil {
        slowPtr =
        fastPtr =
        if slowPtr == fastPtr {
            return true
    return false

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Main function

func main() {
    link := LinkedList{}

    // creating a loop in the above linked list = link.head  // comment this then for no loop

    if link.DetectLoop() {
        fmt.Println("found loop")
    } else {
        fmt.Println("no loop")

// output
found loop
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