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This new era of technology is backed by programming languages. Everything in the contemporary world, directly or indirectly, depends on programming, from local business administration to space missions.

However, as recently as a decade ago, programming was restricted to a limited group of programmers and scientists. Now, though, it has become a professional in every sense. According to BLS research, the number of programming jobs will rise by 21% by 2028. Therefore, new languages are getting launched every now and then with specialized functionalities for different tasks. This article will discuss the 5 best programming languages for software development.

Why Do You Need to Learn Top Programming Languages

When a new programming language emerges, it often becomes the next programming craze. Nonetheless, this does not exclude the possibility that this language may vanish off the radar of software engineers within a few years. Although some programming languages appear briefly and then go, others remain and alter the way applications are developed in the software development business.

To guarantee that your digital solution will not become outdated in the near future, you must carefully analyze the technology stack for your project. If you are a software developer and looking for which language to learn next, this article will come in handy for you due to the same reason.

What Is a Programming Language

A programming language is a collection of rules and instructions used to develop computer software, apps, and programs. These programming languages enable programmers to connect with hardware, instructing them on what to do and how to accomplish it.

Programming languages have numerous purposes, including web development, video games, data analysis, and job automation. Moreover, they can interface with hardware devices such as microcontrollers and robotic components.

5 Best Programming Languages: JavaScript, Python, Golang, PHP, Java

Programming languages are the backbone of modern-day technology. From the simplest to the most complex applications, every software, website, and mobile app has been developed using one or more programming languages. With the rise of technological advancements and the increasing demand for software development, the number of programming languages available today is numerous. Each language has its strengths, weaknesses, and unique features that make it suitable for a specific task or project.

In this article, we will explore the 5 best programming languages available today.

1. JavaScript - Best Software Development Language


JavaScript was introduced in 1995. Since then, this high-level language has become one of the most used languages in the world, now a days, it remains a popular option among developers.

Once a developer masters JavaScript programming, they can quickly learn any JS framework their job requires. JavaScript has MERN stack for full stack web development and react-native framework for android app development. 

JavaScript is a widely used programming language owing to its adaptability, interoperability, active community, and continuous development. It is well suited for developing responsive and scalable apps since it can process several requests concurrently without slowing down or crashing. 

Since web technologies continue to improve and grow more complicated, JavaScript is expected to continue to be a leading programming language. Therefore, if you are looking forward to launching a web-based product, it would be best to hire JavaScript developers before it’s too late.

2. Python


Python is a popular high-level language. It has been designed to keep the code short and simple along with the purpose of offering better readable code than low and mid-level programming languages. Python code is easy to understand and write, and it requires fewer lines than code written in other languages. This makes it suitable for both novice and experienced developers.

Nowadays, Python is relevant in every aspect of programming tasks, from web development to data science. Python frameworks like Django, Pyramid, CherryPy, and Flask are widely used by modern web developers across the world. 

According to a recent survey, Django is reported to be the second most popular framework, with 67941 respondents in favor. It’s free, open-source, and has a reputation for its speed, security, and scalability. 

Python is the most-used programming language for data science and correspondent research. It has several enriched libraries for data analysis and predictive models, such as NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.  Python is very popular for constructing machine learning models of its powerful machine learning frameworks, 

Python is used by a number of the world’s major IT companies. Google, Amazon, and Netflix use Python for web development, data analysis, and machine learning. A large number of academics and scientists also use Python for scientific computing and research.

Python’s ease of use, versatility, robust libraries and frameworks make it a popular choice among developers. As new libraries and frameworks are launched continuously, Python will maintain its popularity.

3. Golang


Google launched the open-source programming language Golang, also known as Go, in 2007. Go is efficient, scalable, and user-friendly, which makes it ideal for large-scale system development and distributed computing.

Golang has various capabilities that make it an ideal pick for web development, system programming, and networking, along with other programming activities. 

Go’s web frameworks, such as Gin, Echo, and Revel, make it simple to configure APIs and full-stack online applications. Go’s standard library also offers support for programming activities at the system level, such as file management and networking.

Go’s rising popularity in the IT sector is fueled by its robust development community and adoption by firms like Google, Uber, and Dropbox. Due to its efficiency, scalability, and usability, Go is projected to remain an essential programming language in the computer sector.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to a language switch, Go would be the perfect option. If you are confused about the transition, take a look at our complete guidelines for switching to GoLang from other Programming Languages.

4. PHP


PHP is a widely-used server-side scripting language used to build dynamic web applications. Since its first release in 1995, PHP has become one of the most popular programming languages worldwide.

PHP is used to develop web apps of all kinds, including content management systems, e-commerce websites, social networks, and web portals. It is favored by developers due to its sophisticated capabilities, such as database connection, session management, and security operations.

Some prominent PHP frameworks, like Laravel, Symfony, and CodeIgniter, make it simple to develop sophisticated applications. These frameworks equip the developers with pre-built components and libraries, hence accelerating the development process.

PHP’s extensive usage in major content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, along with e-commerce platforms such as Magento and WooCommerce, is substantially responsible for its success. It has become one of the most popular programming languages in the world due to its popularity among developers and broad adoption. Its worldwide acceptance in prominent content management systems and e-commerce platforms has made it a leading choice among developers.

5. Java


Java is a very popular object-oriented programming language. It was developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995. (Now acquired by Oracle). After JavaScript, Java was recognized as the second most popular programming language in the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey.

Java is the finest language for developing advanced Android applications. It includes frameworks such as Swing and JavaFX that enable drag-and-drop front-end development for desktop applications. Java also provides a bunch of tools and technologies that make development quicker and more effective. For instance, technologies like Maven and Gradle ease the development process, whereas tools like JUnit and Mockito simplify testing.

Java is still useful for web development because of its robust java based web frameworks. Despite the dominance of JavaScript, some of the Java frameworks for web applications are Spring, Hibernate, Struts, and Play Framework.

Being used by industry titans such as Google, Amazon, and Oracle, the Java programming language will stay at the top of the list in 2023 and for the foreseeable future. Hence, if your project is compatible with Java’s advantages, it would be wise to hire a team of Java Developers to work on it.

Is There a Strategy for Getting the Most Value Out of This List for Your Business?

Luckily, there is. If your current project or business goes parallel with the advantages of any of the languages above, you can hire a dedicated team of developers with the sole expertise in that language and related frameworks. If you are confused about the hiring process, you can always look at our recruitment guide.

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Final Thoughts

The world of technology is a dynamic one. Every day, new technologies periodically replace older ones. Thus, you cannot just do nothing after hiring a team of developers.

You must remain up to date on new technologies, frameworks, and programming languages in order to adapt your stack and staff accordingly. Oh yeah! Do not adopt any technology or programming language based only on a tabloid article. Do your own research and, if necessary, consult an expert or company to see if your idea is compatible with the language.

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