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Technologies We Use in Our React.JS Development Services

Find reliable and skilled React.JS Development Team to build your next web application or enhance your existing one. We provide a full range of React.JS development teams, including front-end and back-end development, API development, testing, and deployment.

JavaScript ES6+ (ECMAScript 6 and Beyond)

Let’s come to the first technology used by us, JavaScript ES6 and beyond. ECMAScript was created to standardize JavaScript implementation across web browsers.

JSX (JavaScript XML)

JSX transforms HTML tags into React elements. Although some say it may not be required for React, we find it useful as a visual aid when working with UI inside the JavaScript code.

React Hooks

We prefer to use React Hooks to manage component state and side effects in a functional component. React hooks is the new addition in React 16.8 which allows us to utilize state and other React features without writing a class.

Redux & Context API

For effective management across our React application, we use the power of Redux and Context API. These are the state management solutions for managing and sharing application state across the components.


We use TypeScript as it is a strongly typed superset of JavaScript for better type safety and developer productivity. This technology ensures power and type safety in our codebase.

React Native

React native is the framework for building cross-platform mobile applications using React. It is the best-class best-in-class JavaScript library in the way of building user interfaces.

GraphQL & Apollo Client

It is the query language and fetching that integrate seamlessly with React. When we integrate GraphQL with React JS projects, it offers us a more efficient way of dealing with APIs.


Next. JS. Typically, it is a React framework with built-in service side rendering or SSR, static site generation, or SSG and API routes.

SWR & React Query

SWR & React Query is the Data fetching and caching solutions for simplifying API interactions. Let’s first come to the SWR. It is the strategy to first return the data from the cache (stale).


Next is the Storybook. It is an open-source tool for developing and testing isolated UI components. It is a powerful tool that allows the React JS developer to develop UI components in isolation.

Webpack & Babel

It is a powerful tool for developers that bundles, compiles, and optimizes modern JavaScript applications.

Recharts, D3.js, & Victory

Next Recharts, D3.js, & Victory are data visualization libraries that we use to create interactive charts and graphs. Whether we require complex data visualizations or simple line charts, these are powerful tools in React JS development.

Formik & React Hook Form

Formik & React Hook Form is an efficient library for handling form and validation in React applications. In the way of building forms in the React apps, Formik has a slightly different approach.

Framer Motion

In a list of our use of technology in the React JS development, next is the Framer Motion. Actually, it is the animation library for creating smooth animations and transitions in React.

Recoil & MobX

Recoil & MobX is an alternative state management library that provides different, exceptional approaches to managing the state. Recoil offers a flexible but simple way to manage the global state and MobX offers Reactive state management in the way of React JS development.

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Why Choose React for Modern, Dynamic, and Scalable UI Development?

React has a component-based architecture that promotes reusability and modularity. Actually React offers an enhanced approach to the development process.

The virtual DOM of React ensures efficient updates and rendering that is better than any other Javascript libraries.

React JS will introduce JSX (JavaScript XML) which allows the user to write UI components using a syntax. These UI components resemble HTML within JavaScript.

Benefits of React.JS

benefits of react js

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Assessment: Evaluate the current app.
  2. Planning: Create a detailed migration plan.
  3. Component Identification: Define reusable components.
  4. Setup: Install dependencies and configure the environment.
  5. Incremental Migration: Migrate components gradually.
  6. Testing: Continuously test the app.
  7. Optimization: Improve performance and usability.
  8. Deployment: Deploy the React app.
  1. Cross-Platform: Single codebase for both platforms.
  2. Performance: Close to native performance.
  3. Community Support: Extensive resources and tools.
  4. Hot Reloading: Real-time code updates.
  5. Reusable Components: Enhanced maintainability.
  6. Strong Ecosystem: Rich third-party plugins.
  1. Component-Based: Simplifies development.
  2. Declarative Code: Easier state management.
  3. Strong Documentation: Helps quick learning.
  4. Community and Ecosystem: Abundant resources.
  5. Hot Reloading: Speeds up development.
  1. Expertise: Skilled ReactJS developers.
  2. Comprehensive Services: End-to-end solutions.
  3. Client-Centric: Tailored solutions.
  4. Proven Track Record: Successful projects.
  5. Innovation: Latest technologies.
  6. Strong Support: Dedicated maintenance.

The cost of developing a ReactJS app can vary widely depending on several factors, including the app’s complexity, design requirements, development time, the expertise of the developers, and their geographical location. Generally, simpler apps are less expensive, while more complex ones with advanced features and custom designs will require a larger budget.

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