Guideline for switching to GoLang from other Programming Languages

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Not just Golang, but for learning any programming language, one should be aware of basic concepts like data types, variables, branching, looping, functions, etc.

If you are familiar with the C language, learning Golang will be very easy. The syntax of Golang is somewhat similar to the C language. However, switching from other programming languages is also more accessible and more interesting.

As a beginner, you should cover the following topics to learn GoLang:

  • Basic syntax and data structure go syntax
  • Learn the basics of Go Tour to Go
    • Understand basic data types
    • Build something using control structures
    • Understand the pointer and its scope
    • Get practice with functions
    • Get practice with array, slice, maps, and type conversion
  • Understand Interface and its usage  interface in golang
  • Error handling (Go doesn’t have exceptions, you have to handle errors in a different way) Handling errors in golang 
  • Goroutine and  channel for concurrency 
  • Understand Go’s design patterns
          –  go patterns
          –  go clean architecture 
  • Learn testing with Go Write test in Go
  • Web frameworks and routers (at least one)

Knowledge of log frameworks can be useful log framework

Recommended Books for GoLang:

  1. The Go Programming Language (Alan A. A. Donovan and Brian Kernighan)
  2. Learning Go (Jon Bodner)

Some useful resources/tutorials:

By Vivasoft Team
By Vivasoft Team
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