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DocuSign is an online platform where people can send a document to others for signature electronically. Sometimes our application needs to know the status of a document (Envelope Status) and based on that we may want to do something in our integration. DocuSign Connect feature enables us to do that job. It basically sends a request to an URL with payload (Data as Json or XML format) which contains information about signers status and overall document status. Here I will try to show you how to setup one.

At First We need a Developer Account. After logged in to your account go to My Apps and Keys Page. Here You will see your Apps and Integration lists .

To go to DocuSign Connect Page navigate the left sidebar and find Connect Under Integrations Section.

If you go there for the first time it will say Enable Connect click the Button to enable DocuSign Connect You can Disable/Enable it anytime as  there is no configurations it will show you an empty list of configurations. Select ADD CONFIGURATION from top right it will show you a form.

Only Name and URL to Publish field is required. There are many additional options play around with them later. For Data Format Select Rest version it will send payload as json format. JSON is a popular way to send Data now a days. Put your Application URL in the URL to Publish field where you will handle this notification. Mark All Envelope Events, Recipient Events and Include Data to receive all types of information in the payload. Thats All setup is Done. 

Now It’s time for test it. Send a document to a Test Signer from their Manage section. Go to Manage Page.

Click on “NEW” button and select “Send an Envelope” It will display a form where we can upload and send it to some people for sign. After Send successfully It will send a notification to the Webhook URL that a document is sent to the recipients. How we verify that ? They have a Dashboard to see the logs. Go to the Connect Page and Click on the Logs.

Here you will see the list of requests made to the Webhook URL and their payload and how your application responds. In the real world Sending documents will be done programmatically by using their E Signature API.

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