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We follow agile methodology to deliver a high quality task to meet established deadline.
Khairul Alam
Microsoft Power Platform: Power Apps

Microsoft Power Platform is a group of business intelligence, app development and app connectivity software applications. Power Platform integration lets us create apps and flows

5 Tips to Improve Performance of C# / .NET Application
Programming & Development
Kanij Fatema
5 Tips to Improve Performance of C# / .NET Application

1. Use Async/Await Asynchronous Programming helps improve the overall efficiency while dealing with functions that can take some time to finish computing. During such function

Programming & Development
Vivasoft Team
Reliable UDP (RUDP): Can UDP be made reliable?

The major decision has to be made for the real-time application is which transport protocol will be used, as some features demand reliability, some need

golang waitgroup
Programming & Development
How and when to use sync.WaitGroup in Golang

Golang is known for its first-class support for concurrency, or the ability for a program to deal with multiple things at once. Running code concurrently

Rezwanul Haque
What is Docker

Docker is an open-source, container technology that allows developers and sysadmins to package applications so that they can be easily moved from one environment to

what is rest api
Programming & Development
Rezwanul Haque
What is REST API?

Let’s go through an example to understand what a REST API is. Let’s say that we work for a cloud kitchen and we want to

Programming & Development
Concurrency in GO – goroutine and channels

Programs that we mainstream developers develop nowadays, almost all has some sort of concurrency employed in them. Be it database access, user I/O, file up