Top 20 Best Software Companies in Bangladesh (2023)

best software companies in bangladesh

Have you ever Googled why tech owners are flocking towards Asia? Statista, shows that the Best software companies are from Asia. Among the other countries, Bangladesh is one of the IT outsourcing destinations. Today we are going to explore the Top 20 software companies in Bangladesh.

Do you know of white-collar jobs in the United States that will be outsourced to developing countries? The number is ever-increasing throughout the year. Curious minds want to know if that change is unavoidable – “Where to outsource?”

A big chunk of revenue is generated from the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands. 55% solely comes from outsourcing customized software development.

Keep a note on the last page of your diary. Bangladesh offers a sizable pool of youthful, educated, and English-speaking workers. 40% less than in more well-known countries like India and the Philippines.

Bangladeshi software companies are your outsourcing destination without a second thought.

In the rest of the article, you will get a standard review of the top 20 Bangladeshi software companies. This 10-minute read will be worth reading. Gear up and get the desired information from the leading IT companies in Bangladesh.

We will review their services, features, work hours, milestones, and other related information. Let’s get going.

Quick Glance of the Best Software Companies in Bangladesh


Company Name

Key Services



End-to-End Custom Software Development and Team Augmentation



Custom Software and Mobile App Development



Security Management Software



Software Development and Integration



Team Augmentation


Kaz Software

Software Development and Interaction design


REVE Systems

VoIP Solutions


Daffodil Software Ltd.

SaaS and E-Commerce solutions



Custom Software Design and Development


Dream 71 Bangladesh

Software and IOS App


South Tech

Software and UI/UX Solutions


Pridesys IT

ERP, MIS and Call Center Solution



Enterprise Cloud and E Commerce


Riseup Labs

Mobile App, IOT and Blockchain



UI/UX Design and Cybersecurity


Soft BD Limited

Industrial Solutions and CMS Solutions


Therap Ltd Bd

SAAS solutions


Workspace Infotech

Graphic Design Services and Software Solutions


Bdtask Ltd

Mobile and Web Application


Brainstation 23

Custom Software Development and Web Application

Closer Look at the Best Software Companies in Bangladesh

vivasoft limited

Vivasoft Limited is the best software company in Bangladesh, mainly providing custom software development solutions. It includes team augmentation, offshore office expansion, MVP service, and end-to-end development. 180+ dedicated engineers have pulled off 70+ successful projects. That’s why Vivasoft Limited is considered the Leading software company in Bangladesh.

The highly motivated team is well known to deliver the project within the timeframe.

Key Services:

Team Augmentation       

To strengthen your team’s capability and become efficient, team augmentation is the right approach.

It offers specialized services whenever your existing team lacks expertise.  You can collaborate on your existing project with one of the top leading software companies in Bangladesh.

Offshore Office Expansion      

Going global is not a house mystery in recent times. Setting up the whole operation overseas is not as complex as earlier.

They are providing offshore services to expand your operations. Ranging from setting up the office, management, talented IT professionals, and training.

To form an offshore office they will work as an extension wing to cope with your in-house developers.

MVP Service     

MVP means Minimum Viable Product. When the tech owners want to experiment with a new product they go through the MVP process.

Before going for the final product you can reduce development costs. To ensure that the product is solving the problem, partner up with one of the best software firms in Bangladesh.

End To End Software Development    

Taking the requirements until the project accomplishment, a team is engaged with the whole journey. They ideate the process, design the product, develop, test, and deliver the solution. A step-by-step process is entirely managed by this Bangladeshi software company.

We leave you a breathing space to have a tennis match with your team. You can breathe in open air without having stress.


  • Company Name – Vivasoft  
  • Location – Bangladesh  
  • Website –
  • Engineers – 180+ 
  • Inception – 2016 
  • Successful Projects – 70+  
  • Working Hours – Monday To Friday   
  • Key Services – Team augmentation, offshore services, MVP and end to end development 
  • Clientele – DUNITE, GOAVA, Klikit, STICKLER, LIMESTONE LAB and many more  
  • Technology – GO, Flutter, Python, Angular, React, Vue JS
    Java,  Dotnet, Azure 
  • Email –

Besides these services, they also make digital products – payroll management software, accounting software, and finance software designed for small and medium enterprises.


Enosis is a renowned IT outsourcing company in Bangladesh. With skilled software engineers on staff, they create desktop, mobile, and web solutions for stakeholders.

From the beginning, they have collaborated with many businesses. They worked with startups and established organizations in the US and Canada.

Key Services:

  • Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development 
  • Custom Software Development 
  • Web Application Development  
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Testing


  • Company Name – Enosis 
  • Location – Bangladesh 
  • Engineers – 200+ 
  • Website –   
  • Working Hours – Monday To Friday   
  • Clientele – PLANET DDS, iQ3, matrix, omnigo, infonet, smarter services, and many more  
  • Technology – Python, Angular, React, Vue JS, Java,  Dotnet 
  • Email –

It is one of the best software companies in Bangladesh. It offers complete credential management solutions for government and state agencies. It provides a complete solution for national IT infrastructure projects by integrating cutting-edge technology.  They ensure reliable back-end technology and effective project management.

Solutions start from national identification cards, voter registration, electronic passports, border control, and driver’s licenses to vehicle registration and tracking.

Key Services:

  • Automated Fingerprint Identification System 
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Managed Security
  • PAM Management
  • Biometric


  • Company Name – Tiger IT 
  • Location – Bangladesh 
  • Engineers – 200+  
  • Inception – 2000
  • Website – 
  • Working Hours – Monday To Friday   
  • Certification – ISO 9001:2008, SO 27001:2005, ISO 14001:2004 
  • Clientele – UNDP- Bangladesh, Department of Immigration and Passports – Bangladesh, Ministry of Labor – India and many more  
  • Email –

Norway-based software development and IT service provider company. Building scalable, high-performance, and reliable software solutions. It adheres to the up-to-date web, mobile, and cloud stacks, microservice architecture, and CI/CD pipeline.

Key Services:

  • Web & Mobile Apps Development
  • Custom Software Design and Architecture
  • Agile Software Development
  • Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Industry 4.0 technologies


  • Company Name – Cefalo
  • Location – Bangladesh and Norway
  • Engineers – 200+  
  • Inception – 2010
  • Website –
  • Working Hours – Monday To Friday   
  • Key Services –  
  • Technology – Ava, C#, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, NodeJS, Python, PHP, AWS, Azure, AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, React, Angular, React Native, Solr, Elastic, and IoT
  • Clientele – SPENN, Favrit, HOUSE of MATH, VARNER, SHAREBOX, CEMIT and many more  
  • Email – 

5. LeadSoft

It is a great software companies in Bangladesh. It provides designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining business application software for both local and global markets. Primarily they serve the banking industry. They provide core Banking Solutions (BankUltimus).

Key Services:

  • IT Service
  • Virtual Office
  • Application Development
  • Managed Services
  • Resource Outsourcing


  • Company Name – Leadsoft
  • Location – Bangladesh and the United States 
  • Engineers – 300+  
  • Inception – 1992 
  • Successful Projects – 400+
  • Website –
  • Working Hours – Sunday To Thursday    
  • Clientele – H&M Bangladesh, Novo Nordisk, MONEY SPACE, BUREAU VERITAS, and many more  
  • Email –

6. Kaz Software

kaz software

One of Bangladesh’s prominent software houses. They provide enterprises and startups with digital solutions.

Proactively develop and launch innovative products. They offer product design, development, testing, deployment, and content management services. And regarding their regular technical updates, we hope they will remain one of the best software companies in Bangladesh.

Key Services:

  • Web and desktop application development
  • Mobile application development (IOS, Android, and Windows Mobile)
  • Interaction design for software interfaces
  • Data conversion and maintenance
  • Software quality assurance


  • Company Name – Kaz Software 
  • Location – Bangladesh 
  • Engineers – 150+  
  • Inception – 2004
  • Successful Projects – 200+
  • Website –
  • Working Hours – Sunday To Thursday    
  • Key Services –  
  • Clientele – THE WORLD BANK, UNICEF, BRITISH RED CROSS, OXFAM, Swiss contact and many more  
  • Email –
reve systems

One of the prominent top software firms in Bangladesh. They offer digital solutions for IP technology services, enterprise, and cloud products.

Key Services:

  • Mobile OTT Solutions
  • SMS Platform
  • A2P SMS
  • SMS Hubbing
  • Cloud PBX


  • Company Name – REVE Systems
  • Location – Bangladesh and Singapore 
  • Engineers – 150+  
  • Inception – 2003 
  • Certifications – ISO/IEC 27001:2013  
  • Awards – DIGITAL WORLD 2016, REVE Systems wins Recognized Leader in Mobile VolP Solutions, INTERNET TELEPHONY Hosted VoIP Excellence Award
  • Website –
  • Email –

Daffodil Software Ltd (DSL) is a custom software development service in Bangladesh. SaaS-based ERP is the primary solution. Holding a skilled management team, strong strategic partnerships, and stable market positioning.

Key Services:

  • Content Management System: Joomla, WordPress
  • Database: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL
  • Operation System/Platforms: Windows, Oracle, Linux, Unix


  • Company Name – Daffodil Software Ltd
  • Location – Bangladesh and Chittagong
  • Engineers – 200+  
  • Inception – 1998
  • Technology – Java, Microsoft .Net, PHP & My SQL, and Android & IOS (Mobile Apps) 
  • Working Hours – Sunday To Thursday 
  • Email –

BJIT is a prominent Bangladesh tech industry leader. A joint venture enterprise between Japan and Bangladesh.  An award-winning global IT company offering outsourcing, remote development, and 360-degree project management, offshore management. They are working collaboratively with Fortune 100 leaders.

Key Services:

  • Offshore development 
  • Project outsourcing
  • Custom software design and development
  • Automated QA testing
  • Industrial engineering


  • Company Name – BJIT
  • Location – Bangladesh 
  • Engineers – 750+  
  • Inception – 2001 
  • Successful Projects – 1500+ 
  • Website –
  • Working Hours – Monday To Friday   
  • Clientele – Google, SONY, Valmet, Panasonic, and many more

10. Dream 71 Bangladesh

dream 71

One of the best software companies in Bangladesh. They offer top-notch web and mobile applications.  A revolutionary step in Bangladesh’s fast-rising technology sector. They are now among the top software companies in Bangladesh as a result of this.

Key Services:

  • E-Governance
  • IOS App Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Android App Development 
  • Web App Development 
  • Game Development 
  • Data Center Infrastructure


  • Company Name – Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd
  • Location – Bangladesh and Japan
  • Engineers – 150+  
  • Inception – 2014 
  • Website –
  • Working Hours – Sunday To Thursday   
  • Clientele – Integrated digital service delivery platform for Ministry of Chittagong hill tracts affair (Mochta), Educational Game for the Ministry of Education Timor-Leste, Dhaka wasa, and many more

It is the best customized software solution company in Bangladesh. The team holds the enthusiasm to innovate businesses.

They provide customized software solutions, Customer Support and Maintenance services, UX/UI Design services, Data Center Hosting, Consultancy and Training, Financial systems, Process engineering, Accounting, Project management, Microfinance solutions, HR solutions, ERP solutions, and Government projects.

Key Services:

  • Customized software solutions
  • Data Center hosting 
  • User experience and user interface design


  • Company Name – South Tech
  • Location – Bangladesh and Japan
  • Engineers – 150+  
  • Inception – 1996 
  • Website –
  • Working Hours – Sunday To Thursday   
  • Clientele – Aviation ERP for Bangladesh government, SANOFI, BRAC, PACT, and many more  
  • Email –

12. Pridesys IT

pridesys it

One of the best software companies in Bangladesh. Mainly they are well known for ERP solutions. They also have experience in digital transformation by Business Process Automation, IT Governance, and Project Management of National and International Clients.

They successfully implemented the ERP ecosystem in RMG, healthcare, education, and telecommunication industries.

Key services:


  • Company Name – Predesys IT Ltd
  • Location – Bangladesh and USA 
  • Engineers – 150+  
  • Inception – 2013 
  • Website –
  • Working Hours – Sunday To Thursday and Monday To Friday   
  • Clientele – Online database software for BFFWT, Ananta Group, Nassa group
  • Certifications – ISO:9001, 2015, ISO 27001, 2017, BASIS National ICT Award
  • Email –

The Swiss-based IT firm also operates from Bangladesh. The company offers strategy consulting, process engineering, platform development, and application management—a house of UX engineers.

Key services:

  • Enterprise Cloud
  • Custom Applications
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Application Management


  • Company Name – Selise 
  • Location – Bangladesh, Switzerland, Germany, UAE, Kosovo and Bhutan
  • Engineers – 150+  
  • Inception – 2013 
  • Website –
  • Working Hours – Monday To Friday    
riseup labs

Riseup is known as the next-generation IT company in Bangladesh. They are working with the tech of the future. They emphasize more on the WEB, mobile, XR, and simulator technology.

Key Services:

  • AR Solutions
  • VR Solutions
  • XR Solutions
  • Blockchain Development 
  • Metaverse Development 
  • Mixed Reality Solutions 
  • R&D Services


  • Company Name – Riseup Lab 
  • Location – Bangladesh, United States, United Kingdom
  • Engineers – 150+  
  • Inception – 2009  
  • Certifications – ISO-certified software company  
  • Clientele – Sisimpur web and app, X – X-Treme basketball AR game, E-learning platform for European students, ebook, Healthbuddy+ and many more  
  • Website –

One of the biggest Ruby on Rails teams in the Bangladeshi tech industry. They are specialized in web and mobile applications. They also have a winning team of Android, iOS, PHP, and .net developers. The proven track record and customer service make a difference for them.

Key Services:

  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Quality assurance
  • Cyber security


  • Company Name – Nascenia
  • Location – Bangladesh
  • Engineers – 30+  
  • Inception – 2010  
  • Successful Projects – 40+ 
  • Certifications –  ISO 9001:2015, Google Adwords, Hubspot, Oracle, 
  • Clientele – Transparency International Bangladesh (TI B), a2i / Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Welltravel, Switzerland, and many more  
  • Technology – Software, Web Applications, Web Designing, Ruby on Rails, PHP, .Net, Scrum, Big Data, UI/UX Design, ModX, Java, Python, Artificial Intelligence, Payment Integration, Mobile Application Development Android, and Mobile Application Development – iOS
  • Website – 
  • Email –  
soft bd ltd

Soft Bd is one of the growing software companies in Bangladesh. The core services are custom software development and IT-enabled services. The team is full of youthful minds. A nationwide recognized software company for meeting deadlines of the projects.

Key Services:

  • Software Development
  • Mobile application development
  • IT enabled services 
  • CMS solution


  • Company Name – Soft BD Ltd
  • Location – Bangladesh
  • Engineers – 30+  
  • Inception – 2006  
  • Certifications –  ISO 9001:2015
  • Clientele – Standard Chartered, Kpapa, UNDP, Lakeshore Hotel and many more   
  • Website – 
  • Email –
therap bd

A global software company operating from Bangladesh. They provide Software as a service to government and private sectors. A global team of IT professionals. They provide primary services to home and community based NGOs and institutions.

According to their expertise in global platforms, that’s why they hold the position of being one of the best software companies in Bangladesh.

Key Services:

  • Saas service


  • Company Name – Therap B Ltd
  • Location – Bangladesh, United States and Canada  
  • Engineers – 300+  
  • Inception – 2004 
  • Website – 
  • Email –
workspace infotech

Workspace Infotech has young talented developers from Bangladesh.  They offer numerous IT services. Ranging from Software solutions to Hosting services. They are operating from around the world.

Key Services:

  • Software development 
  • Web development 
  • Graphics design 
  • Web hosting


  • Company Name – Workspace Infotech
  • Location – Bangladesh
  • Engineers – 200+  
  • Inception – 2004 
  • Website –
  • Email – 

19. Bdtask Ltd


Bdtask is well recognized for its customer-centric service and best software development. They mainly prioritize software export business. Besides, they are well-reputed among other Bangladesh’s software export companies. They export software products from Bangladesh.

They have implemented tons of projects already. Like as prescription software, fleet management software, vehicle management systems, Hospital Management Systems, Doctor Appointment and prescription System, ERP Software, Pharmacy Software, Wholesale Software, Online News Portal Systems, Human Resource (HR) Software, Newspaper WordPress Theme, Admin Panel, Online Ticketing Software, Online Quiz System, Travel and Tour WordPress Theme, Material Design Admin Panel, Office Management Software, Restaurant Software, Clinic Software, Shop Management Software, E-commerce Software, Cryptocurrency Software, ICO Software, STO Software, and Blockchain.

Key Services:

  • Custom software development 
  • Mobile app development 
  • Website development


  • Company Name – Bdtask Ltd 
  • Location – Bangladesh, Australia, and United States
  • Engineers – 200+  
  • Inception – 2012  
  • Certification: BASIS, ISO 9001:2015
  • Website –
  • Email –
brain station

If we are talking about one of the Best software companies in Bangladesh, then definitely Brainstation 23 comes . They uplifted the software industry to the next level. They provide software and IT solutions. Most of them are in software & IT solutions for fintech, telco, eCommerce, pharma, manufacturing, retail, etc. Operate in both global and local. They are globally recognized in Asia to cater to advanced technology.

They cover the areas of custom web & mobile application developments, ERP solutions, LMS, eCommerce solutions, fintech solutions, pharma solutions, telco solutions, enterprise solutions (AEM, Sitecore), cloud solutions, AI/ML, BI, AR VR.

Key Services:

  • Banking Solutions 
  • ERP Solutions
  • Fin-tech Solutions 
  • SAP Technology 
  • Microsoft Technology 
  • Augmented Reality 
  • Virtual Reality 
  • Cloud, E-commerce 
  • Odoo, and Open source ERP


  • Company Name – Brainstation 23 
  • Location – Bangladesh, Australia, and United States
  • Engineers – 700+  
  • Inception – 2006
  • Awards: BASIS  best outsourcing organization, The Daily Star TCT award, Kaggle bronze winner, HSBC exporter of the year, and many more 
  • Technology – Full stack developer, Node.js. Angular, javascript, .NET, PHP, java, ruby, c#, c/c++
  • Website –
  • Email –

To Wrap Up

These are Best software companies in Bangladesh that have a proven track record in the software industry globally. Software companies are contributing to Bangladesh’s economy immensely. The major tech players have revolutionized Bangladesh’s IT startup ecosystem like never before.

Software outsourcing to product export they are changing software industry trends in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi software companies will be the ultimate destination if you ever need to outsource your activities. Get your work done in a cost-effective way with top-notch quality. Lower the burden and gain a competitive edge in the ever-changing tech industry.

By Vivasoft Team
By Vivasoft Team
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