Trade-offs for Monoliths and Microservices

monoliths vs microservice

When developing an application, we as software engineers face different types of architecture for building an application. Among them, Monoliths and Microservices are considered to be the latest trends. When designing an application, we can consider both, monolithic or microservice-based architectures. What we will choose depends on how the structure of an application is contoured […]

Issue Arises When Building A Desktop App Using Electron And Electron-Builder

electron react electron builder

Author: Eftakher Sazid Designation: Intern at Vivasoft LTD Javascript and its available incredible user-friendly frameworks make it very easy to make web applications. But as it runs only on the web and browsers, it is not possible to create a desktop application using Javascript. Here ElectronJS comes to the rescue. ElectronJS is an open-source framework […]

Worker Pool in Golang

Tags: #advance #topic #golang #goroutine #channels #workerpool #threadpool Often we end up with some work which is so time-consuming that if we’re able to assign, multiple person/worker, to do that job the execution time will reduce the time which will save a lot of time for those particular tasks. Today we’re going to solve this […]

Why Golang?

When we start learning a new language, we try to find the purpose of the language first so that we can decide if we’re going to use that language in our project or not. So when starting with Go, it’s common that you’ll hear that **” it’s a systems language”** as this was one of […]

Getting TestCase Based I/O Without Any Loop In Golang


Sometimes interview questions come with some twist like Solve this problem without using any loops So today I will explain how to solve general input/output (i/o) with test cases problem where special rule defines as saying “Do not use any Loop statement”. We’re going to solve this in Golang. When this type of problem was […]

Implementation of Floyd’s Cycle-Finding Algorithm in Golang

loop in linked list

What is a loop in a linked list A very common operation in a linked list is to traverse throughout the LinkedList. But when no null value is reached as traversing throughout the linked list, we call this as loops in a linked list. So to detect whether a LinkedList has a loop or not, […]

Reverse a linked list using Golang

As we start coding and slowly learning about Data Structures(DS), we come across a very famous linear data structure which is known as a linked list. Linked lists and their related questions are quite popular in interviewers who love problem-solving. What is a Linked List? A linked list is a common linear data structure. its […]

Yml or Yaml for DevOps

As software engineers, we are always learning new tech stacks as we process our careers. Everyone who works on any short of software farm all came across a term called DevOps. As the name suggests, it’s consists of two terms Dev equal Development Ops equals Operations. So DevOps means Development Operations. As a different career […]

Multiple Git Account Setup (Ubuntu version)

ssh-add is a command for adding SSH private keys into the SSH authentication agent for implementing single sign-on with SSH. The agent process is called ssh-agent; The cool thing about ssh-agent and ssh-add is that they allow the user to use any number of servers, spread across any number of organizations, without having to type […]

Installing Multiple Version of Golang using GoEnv

Often we need a different version of go according to specific projects. There are different options we have like we can use Docker for our specific project’s need(we can talk about that in a different blog post). There are several other options but in this blog, we will talk about goenv. Prerequisites: git We’re using […]