Scalable High-Performance App Using Distributed Cache: .NET8 & Redis

redis as distributing cache

We saw earlier we have a weather forecast app, that is getting popular day by day. Now it is a read heavy app, people check weather updates here frequently. Now it is time to take care of latency and throughput so that users have a better experience. In this scenario We will implement distributed caching […]

Efficient way to handle Procedures, Views, Functions in EF Core

Sometimes we need to write new Functions, Views and Procedures or use existing ones. In the past, EFCore hasn’t had a super nice way to handle non-table database structures. Therefore, in order to work with non-table database objects in EFCore5 code first implemented some new functionality around some of these items, including the ability to […]

Power Apps: Custom REST API Connector

With custom connectors, we can utilize existing REST API services or create new APIs to expose complex server-side operations that are not available with the out-of-the-box connectors. In this case, we’re dealing with a middle-tier architecture where Power Apps is used as a UI layer. This architecture also offers flexibility. In general, as the complexity […]

Microsoft Power Platform: Power Apps

Microsoft Power Platform is a group of business intelligence, app development and app connectivity software applications. Power Platform integration lets us create apps and flows by using the new Power Platform environment that is automatically created for you. Integrate finance and operations apps data with the Dataverse platform by using virtual tables, business events, and […]

SQL Server Database Source Control using Visual Studio: Git

In this brief article, we will see how to setup SQL Server Database Source Control using Visual Studio step by step — 1. Create a new repository to GitHub 2. Clone the repository to local directory 3. Create a new Sql Server Database project inside the repository 4. Right click on the project -> Import -> […]

.NET6 API Documentation & Example request with Swagger

In this post,  Will try to show some basic of Swagger with .NET 6 as well as how to generate example request to make testing handy. Create a new Web API project with enabling the OpenAPI support. To add API information and description update builder.Services.AddSwaggerGen() like bellow example: using Microsoft.OpenApi.Models; builder.Services.AddSwaggerGen(c => { c.SwaggerDoc(“v1”, new […]