Top 9 Practical Benefits Of Using Java Web Application

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Massive community support

Java web application frameworks have one of the greatest and largest communities of software engineers in the world. Companies can build a team with the help of this community at ease. There are different communities to help beginners, intermediate as well as expert developers. Spring Boot is one of the open-source frameworks for developing web-based applications which is massively used worldwide and the community of this framework is massive.


Java can run anywhere, by anywhere it means on any machine! With the help of JVM it translates java code into the machine code of the native operating system. Which makes it easier to develop & deploy java based web applications. Any server regardless of its operating system can run Java based web applications nowadays.

Highly Secured

Most Java Frameworks provide security against almost all Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE). These frameworks have numerous inbuilt security highlights like verification, cryptography and access control which made it exceedingly easy for web development. Utilising these highlights, an engineer can utilise its comprehensive API for further custom security logic implementation of the web application.

Powerful Development Tools

Java based web applications have one of the most powerful development tools in the programming world. From basic IDEs like NetBeans and Eclipse to advanced production grade IDEs like Intellij Idea, Spring Tool Suite and even Visual Studio Code are there to help programmers with their needs. These IDEs have so many tools and plugins to boost the development of Java web applications.

Decreased Boilerplate Code

The in-memory database and embedded server provided by Java Web Application reduces the boilerplate code which are typically required to set up an web application. With less boilerplate code, development teams can reduce development times and update cycles, resulting in happier users and more productive employees. 


Java web applications are very easily scalable. It works very well with Docker, Kubernetes and other infrastructure technologies for scaling. Java can handle extensive workloads with ease. Java web applications allow the developer the flexibility to scale themselves both vertically and horizontally in accordance with the new specifications and can readjust to the needs of the web application.


Some Java Web application frameworks use a bootstrapping technique for saving memory space. In this method, the source language is compiled by using a boot initializer. As a result, the applications will be loaded much faster. Java supports reactive programming as well as multithreading which allows Java web applications to serve more than one client at once.

Easily Testable

Application with dependency injection is more testable because resources can be easily replaced with test-oriented resources. Spring is one of many dependency injection frameworks for Java, albeit the most popular; any DI framework can provide this kind of benefits.


Java frameworks have flexible and comprehensive sets of extensions and third-party libraries that lets any software engineer make nearly any web application imaginable. Spring Framework’s Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI) features give the foundation for a wide-ranging set of features and functionality. Also, A lots of tools are available to help the developer to develop web applications. These java based web frameworks can take advantage of flexible libraries trusted and developed by developers all over the world.
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